Father is only one letter away from farther.

Some dad’s are far away, whether in spirit or just location, some are close by, but even farther still. Happy Father’s Day to everyone, whether you are a father or not, you had a father, so enjoy the day!

We had a classroom celebration the other day and I got emotional watching one dad’s reaction to a picture of his daughter that appeared during a slideshow. His daughter was adopted you see, and some might not consider him her “real” dad, but in that moment when the corners of his smile lifted to meet the corners of his twinkling eyes, there was nothing more real in the room than that father’s love for his daughter. I was moved, and then sad. Father’s Day is always a tricky one for me. My father passed away when I was 13 years old and I hadn’t seen him since I was 11, and even then it was only once a week, if that. He’s still my father and I’m thankful to him for helping bring me in to the world and for my sense of humor (sorry mom, it’s all him.) I also love to hear the stories from people whose lives he, or his restaurant, had an effect on, there was goodness there, and I’m happy to know it. I am however, lucky enough to have a stepfather who has been in my life longer than my own father was, and who treats me like one of his children. He is Grandpa to my kids, and ultimately the word “step” is barely relevant. I will gladly wish him a Happy Father’s Day today and be grateful for the chance to do so.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to my children’s father. Divorce sucks and it’s difficult for everyone, but my kids (and me) are fortunate to have a dad who remains present, involved, and who shows love and care in the best ways, from awesome chocolate chip pancakes to relevant consequences for misdeeds and more. Thank you for making my job easier and Happy Father’s Day!

Stay well.

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