Do something that moves you!

About 50,000 people decided to run in the NYC Marathon yesterday. I knew several of them and was thrilled to watch their progress online and see victory photos of medals and exhausted bodies wrapped in tin foil. This wasn’t a decision these people made yesterday morning, it was a commitment they made months ago, if not years ago, that they wanted to train and run a marathon. I sit in awe of the commitment required to do something this intense, and do it safely. A dear friend, who happens to have MS, kicked marathon butt, and made it through! I’m so proud of her!

SLR's marathon medal!! She rocked it!

SLR’s marathon medal!! She rocked it!

A runner I am not, even though several years back I pretended, until my already bum knee became a full bummer. This isn’t about running though, this is about moving, moving yourself, moving others, doing something that at the end of the day, that makes you feel proud. Makes you feel like you have added value to the world, even if it’s just one person’s world, heck even if just for you. Find the thing that motivates you, it could be knitting, it could be yoga, it could be fostering animals, it could be a million different things, but just be motivated. We are blessed to have the chance to live in this great world and it would be a shame to waste that blessing. Totem Tamers moves me, because I know just by being here I am helping. Sometimes it’s helping me, because I get to share my story and my thoughts (which hopefully help others in turn.) Totem Tamers also hopes to help those who struggle with anxiety and stress that can sometimes get in the way of people enjoying their lives! I’m lucky that I have a bunch of things that move me, from my kids, to belting out show tunes in my kitchen. What moves you?

Congratulations to all the movers that were out in the fierce wind and cold yesterday running the marathon! Congratulations to everyone for finding the courage to move today.

Stay well.

Totem Tamers are pocket-sized animal Totems that help in times of potentially overwhelming anxiety and stress. Along with a simple guide, Totem Tamers can help get you moving! Click on any of the Totems on the page, and get moving today!!

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