Connect "for"….!

Remember the game “Connect Four”? It was the neat honeycombed-looking stand, into which you would drop red or black chips, against an opponent, in the hopes of creating a connection of four of your chips. This could be up and down, across, or diagonal, it didn’t matter, as long as four of the same colored chips were connected. Imagine yourself as one of those chips, and you will slowly realize that we are all connected or have the capacity to be connected. Social media and networking helps to make this even more evident, and in this digital age those outlets are necessary. I still believe that nothing compares with actual personal introductions and face to face connections, so when I have the chance to make that happen, I’m all over it. People have called me a connector, and I am honored by that moniker. I love to connect people. I helped make a connection last night for a new friend that has started her own business, with a less-new friend, who has an audience that would appreciate her business. It was a good feeling knowing that these two people may end up helping each other, and my investment was minimal. I got to hang out with some people I am getting to know and like, and those people may get to know and like each other. It was a happy fest of connecting! Now the reality is that the connection may not work, may not end up being fruitful, but I did my part and the rest isn’t up to me, but no matter what, these two individuals now know each other and I got to help make that happen. You can be a connector as well, and it could be as simple as liking this blog post or the Totem Tamers Facebook page, for example. Someone you know, who doesn’t know Totem Tamers, may be intrigued by your “like” and follow along and ultimately connect! Your investment was minimal. I am now happy because you have helped me and my business connect with someone else who may very well need some new calming tools and techniques, which will ultimately make them happier. See? We can all be connectors! Who will you connect today?

Stay well.

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