These boobs are made for walking!

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You read that right!! Me and “the girls” were out in full force this morning (or is it “the girls” and I), to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and friends who have been touched by this disease, whether directly or indirectly. And when I say “the girls”, I don’t just mean the fabulous group of girls (and boys) who got up early on a Sunday to walk 5 plus miles in Central Park this morning with a bevy of other people!

Making Strides with American Cancer Society!

Making Strides with American Cancer Society!

I mean the gazongas, the melons, the tatas, the cans, the hooters, the knockers, and I’m sure I missed a bunch, but yeah, those are “the girls”! There were big ones, little ones, new ones, man ones, fake ones, and more! Mine were smushed to bits on Friday during my annual mammogram and ultrasound!! There were pictures of the many who fought breast cancer and lost the battle, there were plenty that were currently fighting, and thankfully even more who proudly wore the sash of survivor! It was a wonderful morning of community, of friendship, and of hope, and I was humbled to have been a part of it this year, and hope it’s not my last!! If you missed the walk but still want to be supportive, click on this link, and make a donation! (Our team was TNT if you want to get specific about it.) Next year I hope you’ll make it out to a walk or event in your neighborhood, because we not only need to find a cure, but we need to make sure there’s funding for women (and men) to get mammograms and ultrasounds annually!! As a dear friend told her insurance company when they balked at paying for the expensive procedure, “It will be a lot more expensive to treat cancer then pay for the screening!”

Totems and Tata's!

Totems and Tata’s!

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all month long, which is probably why they call it that! Let this serve as a reminder to schedule your mammogram and ultrasound and do your self checks every month!! If you’re not sure what you’re feeling or how to feel for any abnormalities, feel free to ask a friend or follow the advice on this lovely website page.

Stay well.

My name is Julie and I have a mug problem.

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It’s true. I see a mug and I want it. Mugs don’t have to be just for coffee or tea, they are awesome for soup, hot cocoa, hot toddy’s, chocolate pudding when you want people to think you’re really just drinking herbal tea, so many uses!!! I figured since it is National Coffee Day, that it is a good time for me to open about my problem. And please understand that it’s not a problem that affects my daily life or functioning, the problem is that I don’t have enough room for all the mugs I want, let alone for the mugs I have!

That's only one shelf of mugs!

That’s only one shelf of mugs!

So you’ll see everything from the iconic Zabar’s mug, to a holiday mug, to a mug that mocks Canada, to the Stig from the show Top Gear, and don’t forget one kid’s favorite soccer team, Dortmund! I have just added two new mugs that I saw online, and knew I had to add to my collection, partly because they’re adorable, and partly because it’s a pair of mugs!! Yes, two that come as a set!!! Ok fine, maybe it is a wee bit more of a problem than I admit to, but just look at these mugs from Boy Meets Girl!

Boy Meets Girl meet Totems!

Boy Meets Girl meet Totems!

Aren’t they the cutest mugs ever!!!!

Now that I feel better about my mugs, I want you to feel better with a list of places offering all kinds of freebies for National Coffee Day, click here

Stay well.

Oh, and if you see a mug that you think is just awesome, or you have a favorite mug you’d like to show off, take a pic and send it to me at Even better, if you have a Totem, include it in your picture! Cheers!

Happy International Women’s Day 2016!!!

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Celebrate the women in your life today! Not just because it’s International Women’s Day, but because it feels good to celebrate other people. Give an extra smile. Make someone laugh. The reward will be your own.

International Women's Day

Celebrate #IWD2016

Stay well!

You could even give a Totem if you like! Visit our store and get a Totem for the women in your life!


Totem Tamers celebrates WOMEN! #womensday

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It’s International Women’s Day! Yes, a day when we are supposed to acknowledge women all over the world and recognize that we are vital, contributing members of society who should be treated equally in the workplace, as well as the community! Sure, we can all say that, and it is true of course, but it isn’t so easy when there are so many cultures across the globe that continue to keep women oppressed, suppressed and ultimately depressed. I can sit here in judgement because I live in a free country that allows me to do so, a country that allows me every opportunity to further myself and better myself without risk of retribution or persecution. I do not judge the women who choose to live and respect the cultures they are in, although I often do not understand the choice. The cultures that do not allow women to learn, to work outside the home, to show their bodies without fear of punishment, etc.. I am young enough not to remember what it was like for women who fought for the right to vote, however I am experienced enough to know that my breasts have gotten in the way of me being promoted, for example. Yes, the power and the curse of the boob! Thankfully, today we see beautiful, sexy, and yes, really smart women, getting attention and progressing in the workplace. However, most of them will probably tell you that they struggle with the balance, heck, I’ll happily tell you! (See what I did there?) In all seriousness, women have come very far and continue to make tremendous strides in the workplace, but gender inequality is still an issue, when men and women get paid differently for the same job. That has to change, that will change, and we will work together to make that change. As we do so, continue to celebrate the women around you and thank the ones who came before you, while guiding the ones following close behind!

Stay well.

Me, with two women I always celebrate!

Me, with two women I always celebrate!

Totem Tamers presents WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!

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I have a very clear memory from my school days as a young girl. The teacher had asked us all to write down what we wanted to be when we grew up. I looked around the room at the kids who were so sure that doctor, firefighter, super secret spy agent, and chef, were hats to be worn in their futures. I stared at my blank 8 1/2 by 11 page and heard the answer in my head, but how could I put that down on paper? Well, if you know me, you know I didn’t hesitate for too long, I quickly turned my sheet of paper horizontally and wrote down five words in big print. Then it was time to share our dreams with the class and we went around the room. There were lots of doctors, veterinarians, basketball players and gymnasts. Then there was me, this girl with a sign that simply said “President of the United States.” Sure there were snickers and giggles and finger pointing and more, but at that moment it didn’t matter, because I dared to dream big, and bigger than anyone else in the room, and that’s what counted for me. Yesterday, many women, who were once little girls just like me, dared to dream big. Midterm elections were partly a disappointment for the party I belong to, but as far as that little girl from years ago goes, it was huge progress! There were plenty of wins, and I couldn’t be more proud of the campaigns that were hard fought, but I am most proud of the WARRIORS I have met along the way who are helping more little girl dreams become a reality.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts!

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts!

From Wisconsin...Mary Burke!

From Wisconsin…Mary Burke!

Senator Wendy Davis with my MOM!!

Senator Wendy Davis with my MOM!!

Secretary Clinton and possibly, hopefully, our next President of the United States, and likely the closest I'll come to that role!

Secretary Clinton and possibly, hopefully, our next President of the United States, and likely the closest I’ll come to that role! Oh yeah, that’s me!

There are so many more WARRIORS, and I wish I could show them all, but Totem Tamers honors them on this, the next day and next crossroad, where we make the choice to dare to dream big, or go home. I can promise you, we will not be going home, anytime soon.

Senator Wendy Davis said in her concession speech yesterday, “Being disappointed is ok, but being discouraged is not!” We are not discouraged, we are empowered and inspired by all of these WARRIORS and we look to the next generation of dreamers and believers to continue the charge.

Stay well.

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