Wishing you much “Socks-cess”!

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Ever had a pair of socks bring tears to your eyes? Well, I have, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! See there’s this thing on the interweb called Facebook. On this Facebook, people and businesses create profiles so they can connect with one another and introduce each other to really cool and interesting things that are floating around in Cyberspace, and yes that includes cat videos, pictures of food, weird selfies, vintage photographs, babies being silly, adults being silly, and certainly some interesting and inspirational businesses (like Totem Tamers)!

Most everyone who knows me, knows that I am a bit of a sock lover. Bottom line, I’m a sucker for a great pair of socks. I have sushi socks (thanks partner), I have stripes, polka dots, stars, argyle (my faves), in all kinds of crazy colors. I may be dressed for a business meeting and look all conservative and such, but I guarantee there’s a party on my feet! One day, trolling around on that Facebook thing, I see a post about socks (can’t remember who originated it, but thank you), so of course I click on it, it’s socks! And not just any socks, it’s John’s Crazy Socks! There’s every sock style you can think of, butterflies (I got some of those), drum sets (got one for the kid), sports of all kinds, owls (like Owl Totem) and even shark socks (like Shark Totem!), had to get those!

Shark Totem meets Shark socks!

So this John person clearly has great taste in socks, who is he? Turns out John is a sock lover just like me, who wanted to share his love of socks with everyone. John also happens to have Down Syndrome, but that didn’t stop him, with the help of his dad, in creating a great company that helps sock lovers like me find super cool socks, and also gives back to his community. 5% of profits from the sale of socks goes to the Special Olympics. How do you beat that? Great socks and charity in one place! Turns out John is also an athlete who competes in the Special Olympics, in many different events. Impressive!

John of John’s Crazy Socks!

The next time you decide you need to replace the socks in your drawer that have holes in them or somehow no partner, why not get crazy, and buy from John’s Crazy Socks!

Stay well.

It only takes a second…..

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There I was heading out of a building, when I noticed a woman also heading towards the exit. It was one of those double door situations where you actually had to exit twice, ok? So I held open the first door for her and let her exit first, me following out behind her. Nothing. Not a smile. Not a nod. Nothing. She reached the second exit door ahead of me and pushed through it. I, being younger, more agile and way prettier (that’s important), was right behind her and loudly said “Thank you” as exited I the still opened door. I suspect if I hadn’t been fast enough, she would have let the door slam in my face. She didn’t even blink at my “thank you” which made me even more annoyed. Sure, I can have compassion and think that maybe she was just having a bad day, but seriously, it only takes a second! Thank you! Please! One second. I timed it!!! It’s true!!

So I don’t care if you are having a really crappy day, you assuredly have one second to be courteous to another human being. Try it!! Oh, and give it as a gift. Meaning don’t be attached to their response, as you may not get a “Thank you” or a “You’re welcome” but at least you’ll walk away knowing you’re not an a*@hole!

Stay well.

Totems say BE NICE!!!

Totems say BE NICE!!!

Shopping with Bulldog!

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Bulldogs at Robert Graham Columbus Circle!

Bulldogs at Robert Graham Columbus Circle!

So many colors which is what brought me into the Robert Graham store in the Shops at Columbus Circle, but it was their bulldog that made me hang out! Bulldog seems happy, too!

Where does your Totem take you? Send me a picture at julie@totemtamers.com, or tag us Instagram @totemtamers.

Stay well.

Negativity shouldn’t ever be part of a sales pitch!

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“You suck! But I have a trick that can make you suck less, just sign up here.” If that message showed up in your inbox, how would you feel? Well, that’s essentially the message I got very early this morning on Instagram. I will tell you that the only thing it made me feel was pissed off! The person who sent the message, well actually it wasn’t a message, it was a comment on a post I had put up days ago, I’m sure thought she was being helpful. That’s definitely not how it came across.

instagram message


Ok fine, maybe it wasn’t as vitriolic as it became the more I looked at it, but still. There’s my post and all it’s hashtag glory (my kids say I use way too many), followed by a lovely comment from a sweet supporter, and then boom, this sort of slap in the face but with an excuse built in. Not only do I not want to go to this so-called #Instaexpert’s website, but I have also decided to unfollow her. She has thousands upon thousands of followers, so it really won’t make a difference to her and clearly her narcissism won’t allow her to care anyway. The sad part is that she may actually be really good at what she does, I mean heck, she’s invited to speak at conferences so she must have some credibility, right? (yes, there’s a teeny bit of sarcasm in there.) And I am new to the world of Instagram, my kids even had to show me how to find this woman’s comment again, so I could use the support. I’m not going to be negative in return though, in fact, I’m going to be positive and even helpful. I actually touched on this theme a long time ago, and there were donuts involved in the blog post for some reason, but the message is still relevant. Being positive will get you better results and is more powerful than negativity. If this #instaexpert had approached me positively, I would have been more inclined to check out her free webinar, or consult or whatever she was peddling. Instead of saying “Your acct is confusing”, she could have said “Really love your pics, and would love to help you with your message.” See the difference? Something positive to lead in to whatever it is she thinks I need! Not so difficult and it could have led to something further but instead it fired me up to write a post.  I will at least be grateful for that! Thank you #instaexpert for validating the kind of support I am not looking for. Maybe she needs a Totem?

Stay well.