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I put my pants on ass backwards this morning. No, really, the ass was in the front, they’re not supposed to go on that way, but there I was walking my dog in my ass backwards pants and realizing that I could still put one foot in front of the other even if part of me was facing the wrong direction! I did try to put my hands in the pockets, but that didn’t work out so well. Point is, you never know what life will throw at you (or your country), and even though we can’t necessarily be prepared for every possibility, we can allow ourselves permission to just let it unfold.

Every Christmas, my kids go away with their Dad to see family upstate. They look forward to hanging out with their grandparents and their cousins and hopefully lots of soccer and football in the snow! Every year I convince myself that I am going to take a trip to some exotic location, or Miami, but those trips never quite seem to happen. This year, I was going to finally do it, and this past Monday I decided that I would head to my old stomping grounds in the 305 for a few days of warmth and visiting with friends. Monday night, my hernia, which has been close to me for quite a while, decided it didn’t want to go to Miami with me, so it’s begging to be shoved back from whence it came!

Where’s Sigourney Weaver when you need her?!

Ok that’s not my image, and for all I know that could be a guy, I can’t tell what all those nooks and crannies really are, but at least you can see the hernia there where the arrow is pointing. Mine thankfully isn’t that bad, or big, but it’s a bitch nonetheless and needs to be handled. So why am I telling you all this? Did you know that more than a million hernia surgeries are performed every year in the US? Yeah, I didn’t either, but what that means in all likelihood, is that several of you have probably had the surgery yourself! Mine is umbilical, for information purposes, but no matter your hernia, abdominal laparoscopic surgical¬†recovery is surely somewhat similar. The tips and suggestions those of you, who are now experts might have, is probably very valuable to someone like me! So bring em on! I want to hear what helped you, and what didn’t help you, and what you wish you had known but weren’t warned about. And no, don’t tell me the horror story of your Uncle Sal who ended up bleeding out on the bathroom floor when he tried to pull out a stray nose hair after hernia surgery. But definitely tell me the story about Aunty Sheila whose flatulence was so horrific no one could stay in the room with her while she recovered! Get the drift? Keep it light, keep it helpful, keep it informative, but for goodness sakes, don’t keep it to yourself! We all benefit from shared experiences, so in the interest of helping me stay calm (I’ll have my Totems), please bestow the wisdom of your experiences on me and anyone else who might need it! Thanks and happy holidays!

Stay well.

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Just another Wednesday for most…..

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Ghosts of WARRIORS past.

Jon and Ashley.

Wednesday started in typical fashion, walk the dog, kids off to school, have some coffee, catch up on Facebook and emails and texts. For a little it feels like just another Wednesday, and then I remember that it isn’t. Once again, the memories come crushing back as they have every year for the past 13 years, and I have to say goodbye to my brother all over again. I write about him every year on this day, the anniversary (seems like such a strange word to use) of his passing, because it helps. It helps me, it helps the people who knew my brother, it helps the people who didn’t know my brother, it just helps. My brother Jonathan is a part of my everyday, not just because he was my brother, but because his death from an overdose is what propels me to “do good” wherever I can. Deaths from opiod overdose can be prevented, we have my stepdad Jack Fishman, to thank for that. Now it’s our job to get that information out in to the world and get naloxone into the hands of anyone that needs it, thinks they’re going to need it, or thinks they might know someone who needs it. Yeah, that basically means everyone. I have written about this subject so many times, that I will just link a few of those posts here for you to peruse when you have time.




I could write so much more, but part of me wants to go back to this being just another Wednesday, at least until later when my mom and I will be together and drink a toast to my brother, his girlfriend Ashley, and all the others who have been lost. I hope it’s just another Wednesday for you, even for just a minute.

Stay well.

Totem Tamers presents WARRIOR WEDNESDAY or "It IS a tumor!" (not mine, don't freak.)

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Yes, I’m being very lighthearted in my title line today, because frankly, thinking about tumors of any kind is really freaking heavy and scary and usually overwhelming. Also, the person who is our WARRIOR WEDNESDAY this week, is handling his diagnosis of having a huge ass brain tumor nestled between his ears, with courage, fierceness, and humility. That’s why he’s a WARRIOR! His name is Ray Ferrer, and I have never met him. He’s an artist who ended up following Totem Tamers WordPress blog a long time ago. Intrigued, I went to his page and saw his art, and was immediately blown away!! I have mentioned Ray in this blog before, when his generosity moved me during Breast Cancer Awareness month, and he donated a portion of his sales towards the fight against breast cancer. Well, Ray is fighting now, and as I said before, his bravery and openness during his fight has been incredibly moving and inspiring. As with any difficult medical experience, the shock of medical bills and care can be almost more overwhelming than the actual illness. Ray continues to suffer seizures and even temporary paralysis, and as an artist, I can only imagine the terror he must go through when he can’t feel his hands, for example. In an effort to defray costs, Ray’s Etsy Page is offering a discount of 50% on works available on the site. I just ordered a few pieces, but I didn’t take the discount, because I’m grateful to be able to help. If you have it in you to make a purchase to help Ray in his fight, and his wife in her support for Ray, please look at his work and help this WARRIOR! One of the pieces I purchased (a few of them actually, to give as gifts), is a beautiful print of the deity, Ganesha, who I happened to write about a couple weeks ago!

Om Sri Ganesha!

Om Sri Ganesha!

Ganesha, known as the remover of obstacles and god of new beginnings. I can only hope that Ray will recover fully and be gifted with new beginnings, as this obstacle of a tumor shrinks to nothing so he can continue his art.

Stay well.

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