Anx-eye of the storm-ity!

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As a former Floridian, my concerns are with all my friends who stayed in their homes to ride out Hurricane Irma, and with those who have fled for safety. I have been watching the coverage nonstop, which is probably not the best idea, as my own anxiety ratchets up. I can only imagine what the folks hunkered down must be experiencing!

This is Irma!

Totem Tamers was created to help people through incredibly overwhelming situations, and being in a shelter, or in your home without power, while hurricane force winds and storm surge are lapping at your door, is just one of those situations. When I explain to people the simple concept behind the Totem Tamers technique, it sounds like this: When you’re feeling anxious, see the color Red. Take a deep breath and see the color Green. Exhale and see the color Blue. These basic steps will help you either maintain or regain calm. The deep breathing and visualization is vital to keeping calm, and as you take your deep breaths, breathe in and out through your nose, as breathing in and out through your mouth may actually signal to your nervous system that you should be anxious. Here’s an image of the guide card we include in every Totem Tamer purchase, that helps you through the steps:

Simple steps to calm!

Be safe and calm!

Stay well.

Melancholy beauty.

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It’s a rainy day here in my city, which seems apropos of the mood of pretty much all of the important people in my life today. Most of the country is reeling from a vote that occurred yesterday because now most of the country is fearful about their healthcare and future of insurance coverage. That’s a little more than a melancholy feeling of course, but you get the point. Meanwhile, I still got up this morning to walk the dog, wake the kids, make lunches, tie shoes, cover up dark circles, check for chin-hairs, contemplate exercise, have coffee, say hi to friends on the street, help my mom with an errand, and so forth. And all of that before noon! There’s a certain beauty in the mundane, a peacefulness to a regimen, a hope to things going seemingly unchanged. It’s Springtime in New York City, and even though the rain falls outside, like tears from a cathartic cry, there is beauty if you look for it, and sometimes even when you don’t.

Beautifully dreary!

Try to find something beautiful for yourself today, even if that means simply recognizing that you get today. I had a neighbor for a couple years who always managed a sunny disposition even on the worst of days when her aching bones would creak and she would find it hard to get up from a chair or take her walk down the block. Her disposition was evident whenever I asked  “How are you?” She would always smile and give the best answer, one that I have now adopted, she would say, “I’m upright. It’s a good day.”

Find beauty in being upright, no matter how dreary the world may look.

Stay well.

Winter is apparently a whiny brat!

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We are a few days into Spring and I’m still my wearing my winter hat and coat. We even had a snowstorm on the first day of Spring! It was fun hearing people come up with their explanations as to why we were having this cold blast. One man said sweetly “it’s Winter saying hello to Spring!” Another person I overheard said “it’s Winter showing Spring who’s boss!”  It was my little one however, who I think summed up the Springtime snow blast the best. He said “Winter is acting like a little kid who doesn’t want to get off the video game and keeps saying “let meplay one more game, let me play one more game!”” My son got a fist bump for that one. 

Meanwhile, chilly outside doesn’t have to mean chilly inside and my orchids are blooming and reminding me and inspiring me to consider all the growth that is to come!

Happy Spring! (At least on the inside!)

Stay well.

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We all like to be right, but it shouldn't be about making someone wrong!

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Yeah, it’s a heavy title inspired by a not so heavy occurrence, but one that actually can weigh us down in other facets of our lives. Stick with me, it will make sense eventually.  I’m in New York City, where we had battened down the hatches and cleared the shelves of bread, water, and apparently Kale (shout out to DS for this one), in preparation for a “potentially crippling and historical storm,” according to my weather app. Well “Juno”, as the storm was named, turned out to be just a regular January snow experience, as opposed to #snowmageddon2015. The movie of the same name was way more exciting, but maybe not as pretty to watch. So you can only imagine how the naysaying began, people took to Facebook, Twitter, and more, to downplay or even play up the predictions. There was bitching about the lines at the grocery stores, there were many pictures of wine and liquor followed by the comment “I have everything I need,” (should I be worried about them?), there were also plenty of people slamming the forecasters well before the storm was expected. We know weather can change with the breeze (see how I did that?), therefore we should all know, that it’s better to be prepared than not be prepared. Schools were canceled, mass transit shut down, and states of emergency put in place for New York and New Jersey. Juno, however, decided not to be such a big deal. For NYC, where there were predictions of 2-3 feet of snow, we ended up with less than a foot, several inches less. Of course, the Facebook messages and tweets were all filled with positive statements and missives of relief and relaxation, right? WRONG!!!! The status updates and 164 characters were all nasty comments about stupid weather people, and stupider Mayor, and “flizzard” of 2015, and “snow joke” (saw that one a few times.) Would it have been so difficult to offer thanks to the forecasters for making sure we were ready? The good news, is that the negativity was ultimately replaced by many people playing in the snow, making snowmen, and apparently still pleased about their liquor cabinets. So the next time you find yourself being right about something, enjoy it, but make sure it’s because you earned it and not because someone else made a mistake.

Bearrrrrrr, it's cold! (C'mon that was good!)

Bearrrrrrr, it’s cold! (C’mon that was good!)

Stay well.

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