Can I get my life ticket validated?

We all need validation. We seek it from others, we crave it from others, yet we often deny it to ourselves! Validation for me is just a simple acknowledgement of a job well done, whether it’s how delicious my rugelach is (and we all know there’s never a question there,) or feedback on a blog post, or even a thank you for holding the door open! I like to think that I do my best at acknowledging people for the impact they’ve had on me, from the guy who cleaned out the drain on my washing machine this morning, to my kids for not putting up a fuss when we have a long outing, to the girlfriend who tells me about the spinach in my teeth! It doesn’t take much to tell someone that you appreciate them, that you are thankful for them, that even though you may not agree with a choice, you understand the reason behind the choice. Validation doesn’t necessarily have to be in response to something positive, it can be about giving credence to someone else’s feelings and emotions. “I am sensing you are angry, do you want to talk about it?” I mention validation a lot with regards to Totem Tamers, because people who suffer from anxiety don’t want to be told that their feelings are silly, unnecessary, or irrational, they want to simply be validated, not judged. When we validate someone, we are giving them value and supporting their truth, whatever it may be, and who doesn’t want that? I go back to my earlier statement of validating ourselves and how we often struggle with supporting our own truth. Give yourself the gift of validation today and then give it to someone else! You deserve it!

Stay well.

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