Bulldog finds "Puppy Love"!

Ah, puppy love! Conjures up images of puppies bouncing around with tails a-wagging, little kids expressing themselves sweetly and innocently, and a slobbery Bulldog Totem, of course! A friend of Totem Tamers has created a short film entitled “Puppy Love:A Short Tail”. Certainly, whenever there’s a puppy involved, Bulldog is on the scene! Actually, Totems were on set during the filming of this inspiring and moving film, but with a tendency towards shyness, the Totems kept to behind the scenes inspiration. Totem Tamers loves to get involved and support up and coming artists whenever we can, because we know that creativity is healing. The best way we know how to show support is by sharing information and hoping that you will be inspired just like we are!

Puppy Love!

Puppy Love!

Check out the campaign for this film, created by a dear friend and talented artist, and hopefully this short film will be made available for all to experience. Bulldog will be forever in your debt, although can’t promise not to slobber on your shoes!

Stay well.

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