Blanky, binky, lovey, and mush…add Totems to the list!

When we created Totem Tamers a while back, we did so with the express purpose of helping people find another way to ease anxiety and stress levels. We knew that creating a product that could be carried around was essential and then we enhanced it by adding the guide booklet that offers additional tools to help people regain calm. I talk to people all the time about Totem Tamers, and a common thread that comes up is security blankets. Whether it’s a child who can’t leave the house without her bunny, or the adult that always carries the lucky nickel from his favorite uncle, most of us have security blankets and most of them aren’t even blankets!

Security Totems!

Security Totems!

I had a “mushy” growing up, which was a ridiculously soft pillow that had to come with me everywhere. I think it’s only been 15 years since “mushy” had to be let go when it basically fell apart. I’m grateful that I have four new security blankets that I can carry with me anywhere, in the form of Totems! What kind of security blanket did you have as a child or does your child have, and what was it called? Which Totem would you choose for your security blanket?

Stay well.

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