Because we have to….

Watching the events unfold in Boston yesterday was heartbreaking. People’s lives forever changed by a senseless, cowardly act. Life continued around me as the newsmakers coaxed stories out of witnesses and victims alike. My kids had homework, my kids ate dinner, my kids giggled and fought with each other and worried about schoolwork and video games. Life continued this morning as I learned that at least three people are dead and many more injured, with several of the victims now amputees as a result of the explosions. Their lives will go on because they have to, the memories of the dead will go on, because they have to. We will go on, because we have to. There is that desire to hunker down and wall ourselves in so as to protect from the possibility of horror and tragedy. The problem is that when we do armor ourselves up in fear, we prevent the possibility of wonderful and amazing things from happening and we need those moments now more than ever. This is not a directive to balk in the face of terrorism, but a directive to continue living your life, and hoping and dreaming and loving each other, because we have to.

Continued thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the events in Boston.

Stay well.

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