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Oh NFL, what are you thinking? So Sunday I wrote about the Ray Rice drama, you know the one about the NFL player who punched his now-wife, knocking her unconscious and dragging her out of an elevator. Yeah, that one! I just glanced over a new story that was surfacing about a player for the Vikings, Adrian Peterson, who had turned himself in on allegations of child abuse. His lawyer says it was discipline, the photos say it was a beating. Peterson, allegedly took a switch (tree branch) and hit his son repeatedly, leaving welts, and breaking the skin. Writing it out, it doesn’t sound soooo horrible, but you know what? Let’s go to the pictures!

Um, ouch?

Um, ouch?

Yeah, that’s the marks left on his four-year-old son! But get this, the NFL says Peterson can play! That’s right, indicted for allegedly abusing his child, but because he’s a star football player, he gets to keep playing. Meanwhile, Josh Gordon, a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, tests positive for marijuana and he’s suspended for a year!!! What am I missing? Clearly the executives at the NFL are smoking a ton of weed because they really got this one wrong!!! You can apparently beat your fiancé, beat your child, and you can still get paid to play, but if you get caught smoking marijuana which is legal in a couple states and more to follow, you’re out?! Someone get me Goodell’s number so we can have ourselves a chat! Now I’m going to take my Totem and take some deep breaths because this has clearly gotten me incensed! Oh wait, that’s the point of Totem Tamers after all, calm myself before I get out of control. Ok, so Goodell, call me, and we can get Totems to all the players in the league and teach them some coping techniques for those moments that are too overwhelming!!! I can see it now, mascot Totems for the NFL!!! I would happily carry a Miami Dolphin Totem! (Don’t judge me!)

This is a serious issue, and I make light because it’s somehow easier to tolerate, but if you or someone you know needs help, click here or call 1-800-799-7233


Apparently, Adrian Peterson is now on the exempt list and will not be playing for the Vikings for the foreseeable future. I can only hope he uses this time to reflect on his behavior and seek some guidance and anger management help. I can also hope that that NFL will pull their collective heads out of their padded asses and educate their players and offer them some help before we see another gridder raise a hand in anger!

Stay well.

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