And now for the breast of the story…..

Whew! That’s what I say when I find my head spinning a bit. It actually started a couple weeks ago when my friend Mollie, who was one of our WARRIOR WEDNESDAYS, posted a picture of herself getting her annual mammogram. Mollie does this because she lost her mother to breast cancer and she hopes that a simple photo will serve as a reminder to others to get their annual exams. Well it worked, and I made my appointment which I had on Saturday. So this photo is just for Mollie, and of course anyone who has been putting off their mammogram.

It's no boob deal!!

It’s no boob deal!!

I got squished, and smushed, and pushed, and pulled and the hope is that the doctor’s will read the images and they will find nothing! I was able to go in to my appointment feeling quite hopeful because another one of our WARRIORS, Teri, just celebrated her 5-year survivor mark. Yay! Go Teri!! Sadly though, as Teri celebrates, and Mollie and I do our preventive routines, every three minutes another woman is diagnosed and every thirteen minutes, a woman dies from breast cancer. These statistics are staggering, and even though they may be a couple years old, it’s hard to dispute. I walked across the park to my appointment, and was feeling so good, I walked back home. I was able to get home in time to Skype with my dear friend in Australia. In the first few minutes of our conversation, she informed me that her sister had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Early, thank goodness, but it still means chemo, surgery, maybe radiation, and a lot of fear and anxiety, not just for her sister, but for the family and everyone who loves her. So please, get your mammograms, do your self-breast exams, and hopefully you won’t be a statistic, but if heaven forbid you are diagnosed, make sure it’s early enough so you can be counted as one of the 2.5 million breast cancer survivors alive today!

Stay well.

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