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Thanks everyone for your notes of confidence after I wrote on Thursday, about my anxiety, as I headed out on an “adventure!” Enough of you messaged words of encouragement and then followed up with queries of how it went, that I thought it only fair to fill you in!! It went well! I was attending a gathering for the Democratic National Committee to learn the state of the party and what was needed to help the party progress further. That meant I was going to be surrounded by some pretty fantastic folks, some of them in the political arena, and others those same politicians look to for support and consult. Turns out, I am the latter, with way too many skeletons to even consider the former! My support comes by way of getting out there and voting and encouraging everyone I know to do the same. It comes by way of sharing what’s important to me, a single mom and small business owner, who needs health insurance and tax breaks so I can run my business more productively all while gaining a wider audience. My support may be a check, may be a conversation, may be an introduction, but either way, my support is needed and that gave me confidence to be there. It gave me confidence when I had coffee with Senator Wendy Davis of Texas, who is known for her pink shoes and filibuster, and who is now running for Governor of Texas and making headway all the while!

And that stats just keep on coming!

And the stats just keep on coming!

Listening to Senator Davis rattle off statistics about her campaign was overwhelming and inspiring! She said she’s had over 90,000 unique contributors to her campaign with a lot of those contributions being $100 or less. That helps send the message that every little bit counts. She’s wonderful and I hope she wins and brings her vision and experience to the capitol of Texas!

My confidence continued playing the balance game with my anxiety when I found myself in a room with many other DNC members, ready to listen to people ranging from the Chairperson of the DNC, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, to the assistant to the President, David Simas! I was anxious because I knew I would have to sit at a table with complete strangers, some of whom have been coming to these events for years and know lots of other people. I was fortunate that I had my Totems with me and that there were two familiar faces in the crowd and they adopted me and helped me find my footing. I made it a point to venture out from under their wing at times to create some new friendships. I found myself with a new friend later in the day when I was ushered in to a back room, where a small group of us waited eagerly to greet the President! Yes, that President. It was awesome, he is awesome, but it’s so interesting that my anxiety level was non-existent. It’s likely because there is no room for insecurity when shaking hands with the leader of the free world. His smile is so disarming too, so that helps a bit! Anyway, I didn’t intend to turn this in to a political piece, but rather share something exciting that I was able to participate in, even though my anxiety was working overtime, almost preventing me from going in the first place. Realizing that I would be ok, no matter what, led me to make some new friends, connect with some familiar faces, and meet some incredibly brilliant and powerful people. We all have anxiety, it’s only a problem when we let it get in the way of what can be really wonderful experiences.

Stay well.

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