We See Bronze!

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The dress that broke the Internet, with the Totems that will keep you calm while you argue about what colors you see!

Totem Tamers are pocket-sized and easy to carry. Made in the USA, out of beautiful bronze, and designed for a tactile experience to help target your fidgets during moments of stress or anxiety. Get your Totem today at  www.totemtamers.com/store.

Stay well.

PS: I saw white and gold, well periwinkle and gold really, but that wasn’t an option!

How an email made me cry and smile almost simultaneously!

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Every time an order comes through the Totem Tamers site, I’m always curious about who is buying a Totem! When a package is shipped out, I always write a note of thanks and remind our newest Totem owners to find us on Facebook and Twitter. I also ask how they came to learn about Totem Tamers, and every once in a while, I get a response, but nothing like the response I received the other day. It is so important to me to protect people and their stories, so I’m only going to share the overall gist of the letter, but it was just too impactful not to share at all. This new Totem owner received her “precious Totems” the other day and emailed straight away to explain how she came to find us. She had been a victim of a horrible crime and was required to testify in front of a grand jury, as a result. The social worker assigned to her case happened to have a Totem, and lent it to this young lady with the directive to hold it and rub it just under the witness stand to help her focus and keep her calm. And it did!!! She continued to write that the Totem had left her with a positive association to her experience, and that she hoped it would continue to do so in anxious times. That’s how I ended up with tears in my eyes and a smile across my face at the same time. The courage that this person found to testify, then to share her story with me, is just so incredible and inspirational and serves as a reminder to my business partner and I, that we are onto something truly special here. It also makes it difficult to be reminded that we are a business, because after stories like these, it makes me just want to give Totems to everyone!!! Of course, since we are raising families and such, that’s not altogether possible, but the hope is one day, when we are wildly profitable, that we will be able to give tons of Totems away! With that being said, if you want or need a Totem, or know someone who might enjoy one, click here, or on any of the images on the page and buy one today!

Stay well.

Owls keeping watch!

Owls keeping watch!

Bulldog finds "Puppy Love"!

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Ah, puppy love! Conjures up images of puppies bouncing around with tails a-wagging, little kids expressing themselves sweetly and innocently, and a slobbery Bulldog Totem, of course! A friend of Totem Tamers has created a short film entitled “Puppy Love:A Short Tail”. Certainly, whenever there’s a puppy involved, Bulldog is on the scene! Actually, Totems were on set during the filming of this inspiring and moving film, but with a tendency towards shyness, the Totems kept to behind the scenes inspiration. Totem Tamers loves to get involved and support up and coming artists whenever we can, because we know that creativity is healing. The best way we know how to show support is by sharing information and hoping that you will be inspired just like we are!

Puppy Love!

Puppy Love!

Check out the campaign for this film, created by a dear friend and talented artist, and hopefully this short film will be made available for all to experience. Bulldog will be forever in your debt, although can’t promise not to slobber on your shoes!

Stay well.

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Totem Tamers presents WARRIOR WEDNESDAY or "It IS a tumor!" (not mine, don't freak.)

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Yes, I’m being very lighthearted in my title line today, because frankly, thinking about tumors of any kind is really freaking heavy and scary and usually overwhelming. Also, the person who is our WARRIOR WEDNESDAY this week, is handling his diagnosis of having a huge ass brain tumor nestled between his ears, with courage, fierceness, and humility. That’s why he’s a WARRIOR! His name is Ray Ferrer, and I have never met him. He’s an artist who ended up following Totem Tamers WordPress blog a long time ago. Intrigued, I went to his page and saw his art, and was immediately blown away!! I have mentioned Ray in this blog before, when his generosity moved me during Breast Cancer Awareness month, and he donated a portion of his sales towards the fight against breast cancer. Well, Ray is fighting now, and as I said before, his bravery and openness during his fight has been incredibly moving and inspiring. As with any difficult medical experience, the shock of medical bills and care can be almost more overwhelming than the actual illness. Ray continues to suffer seizures and even temporary paralysis, and as an artist, I can only imagine the terror he must go through when he can’t feel his hands, for example. In an effort to defray costs, Ray’s Etsy Page is offering a discount of 50% on works available on the site. I just ordered a few pieces, but I didn’t take the discount, because I’m grateful to be able to help. If you have it in you to make a purchase to help Ray in his fight, and his wife in her support for Ray, please look at his work and help this WARRIOR! One of the pieces I purchased (a few of them actually, to give as gifts), is a beautiful print of the deity, Ganesha, who I happened to write about a couple weeks ago!

Om Sri Ganesha!

Om Sri Ganesha!

Ganesha, known as the remover of obstacles and god of new beginnings. I can only hope that Ray will recover fully and be gifted with new beginnings, as this obstacle of a tumor shrinks to nothing so he can continue his art.

Stay well.

To learn more about Totem Tamers, go to our site at Totemtamers.com.

Sidewalk Valentine!

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Sidewalk Valentine!

Every once in a while, looking down has its rewards. Obviously, avoiding the remnants of the obnoxious owner who refuses to pick up after their dog, is first and foremost. However sometimes, you look down to see something beautiful. I was walking along with my son who was chatting away, and we walked by this grungy, dirty, cut-out heart, stuck to the sidewalk. I kept walking, but then I stopped and took myself back to the heart, thinking that sometimes, our hearts may get grungy and beat up and tossed aside, but somehow, they are still beautiful. As Valentine’s Day approaches, remember your heart, whether you share it with someone significant or not, your heart is beautiful and capable of so much love. Grungy, dusty, wounded or even broken, see your heart and use it love yourself first, and then share that radiance with the people around you! Even though we should always keep our heads up and eyes forward, every so often, take a look down, because you never know what beauty you might uncover!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Stay well.

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Take a poem and call me in the morning.

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The weather outside is dreary and may very well be contributing to the lovely headache I’m experiencing right now. Could also be the head cold I’ve been trying hard to rid myself of since the beginning of the week. Maybe it’s the sweet potato fries I thoroughly enjoyed at almost midnight last night in the company of some beautiful people after a blissful night of Kirtan. Who knows? Who cares? It’s the headache that made me write a poem this afternoon, because if I can’t turn off all the lights and crawl into bed, then I might as well make something of it! Poetry can be terribly self-serving, well I think it usually is anyway. I don’t typically write for other people as much as I write to release the words from my brain. I also don’t share poems I write all that often, but today I couldn’t come up with a reason why I don’t share, so I’m sharing. If I can be inspired by a headache, who knows where you can find inspiration?!

Poem for a Sunday

The pounding in my head is deep

keeping time as my boy strums the guitar

it’s his song his sound that i forever will keep

as he grows up so strong and hopes to go so far

while the ache in my skull pulls me away

the tears in my eyes keep me close

with every thud i struggle to stay

with every teardrop it’s another dose

reality’s gift of watching my kids grow and thrive

the truth of my bones as they age and creak

all the skinned knees remind us we’re alive

building a foundation of trust that is anything but weak

we are tested every day parent and child

because i said so and yes i can

bonds that grow stronger all the while

no matter what always hand in hand

my brain threatens to leap from it’s shell

the music even loud gives me comfort

there is life forever changing i know it well

and whatever pain is felt has worth

so bring on your rock in my percussion life

throw another ball into the juggle of hands

this tightrope i choose the precision tossed knife

circle the bullseye and see where it lands

Music of life!

Music of life!

Stay well.

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Of deities and third graders.

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Nor snow, nor ice, nor snot, nor sneeze, would keep me away from son’s third grade field trip today. I’m pretty much out of the contagious phase, but with ears clogged, and nose clogged, the idea of getting on that big yellow school bus, was a tad unpleasant, but being with my kid, and getting to go the Rubin Museum was worth it! I knew I made the right decision to push through, when we were getting on the bus and I noticed the teacher off to the side talking with a child who was in tears. Ahhhh, the fear of getting “bus sick.” Simple things, like sitting near the front and next to the window were certainly good to know, but I had a secret weapon, well four of them really, and was more than happy to share. I approached the child with Totems in hand, and explained that the Totems are made just for situations like this one. I offered a choice and thankfully had one of the colorful booklets to go along with the choice! The seat mate chose one too, which was helpful to the anxious child. I couldn’t have been more pleased when I heard a kid in another seat repeating “Breathe in, Breathe out.” The Totem was helpful and there was a quiet thank you when we arrived without incident.

Buddah and the third grade!

Buddah and the third grade!

The kids were so observant and asked so many questions, it was a pleasure to see them so engaged! They had all kinds of ideas and curiosities and were able to answer a lot of the questions posed by the tour leader. I beamed with pride as my kid gave a rather elaborate explanation of meditation, he even put his hands into a mudra, which gave a chuckle. I would like to take credit for his knowledge because he sees me meditating on a regular basis, but alas, I simply talk about it, which is at least a step in the right direction!

Om Totem, Om Ganesha!

Om Totem, Om Ganesha!

Ganesha, is one of the Hindu deities that has resonated with me for years now. Known as the god of new beginnings and remover of obstacles, among other attributes, Ganesha helps remind me that obstacles are just doorways for new beginnings when we work to remove them. I also think the story surrounding Ganesha is pretty cool, too. So all in all it was a wonderful outing and interestingly enough, my cold didn’t bother me once while on the trip! Hmmmm, oooommmmmmm.

Stay well.

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How do you create?

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Thanks to a status update on Facebook this afternoon, I was inspired to write! Interestingly enough, it was about writing, or more, how people write. The question was posed “what kind of music do you listen to when you write?” I was first to respond, and I think my answer was a tad surprising to the poster. I replied that I don’t listen to music, and can’t really listen to music when I write, because my words get lost from the moment. He came back asking if even classical music was distracting, and my answer again was “yes.” When I write, I’m in my teeny, tiny office, and I just go for it.  I find for me, the train of thought is just too easily lost. I marvel at my kids who manage to read and do their homework with headphones in (at least they say they manage!) They certainly manage to tune me out. The process from formulating the thoughts in my brain to remembering where the home keys so I can type those thoughts into the laptop, is lightning fast. If something happens in the milliseconds before my fingers start stroking the keys, that train could possibly have left the station. It usually comes back, but sometimes, the thought has been derailed and I am delayed in recollecting it again. My point is that my process for writing, specifically, is contemplating the purpose, and then sitting down and hammering it out with very little to no distracting noises. The TV is actually on in the other room right now, and it’s causing me to struggle with not letting the words I hear impact the words I type. We’ve all done that thing where we are speaking and we read a word and then that word comes out of our mouths even though it isn’t anything close to what we were going to say! Same diff for me here. Yes, I just used the “word” diff, and yes, I’m aware I’m wasting electricity by having the TV on and no one watching it, thank you. I am curious what other peoples’ processes are when they write, or create for that matter? I know when I’ve got my sketch pad out, or I’m at my easel with my pastels, I like music cranking in my ear because I need the words in my head to be drowned out, so that the drawing artistic brain can be heard. The music I choose may definitely impact what happens on the paper, but either way it’s the process of creativity, my process. What’s yours?

Music in my ears and Totems by my side, I create!

Music in my ears and Totems by my side, I create!

Stay well.

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