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Oh Joan, she made us laugh and she made us groan, but only when we were afraid to laugh! Joan Rivers had the biggest cojones for a woman in comedy, and frankly bigger than a lot of men!! My doorman unwittingly paid me the best compliment this morning when he handed me the paper. The headline in The Daily News read “One Ballsy Lady”, referring to Joan Rivers of course, but my doorman, smiled sheepishly at me and said “That’s you!” I replied “It is me if I’m doing it right!” We had a laugh and I headed upstairs to read more about this female comedienne who had the courage to laugh when times were really tough.

Totems in Rivers of tears.

Totems in Rivers of tears.

Not only did Joan Rivers make fun of herself, but she was an equal opportunity offender, and she punch-lined everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to the President of the United States! Reading her quips and one-liners all over the internet would have made Joan happy because we are laughing through our sadness at her death. She would also surely judge us for the puffy eyes and running mascara, too. ¬†Thanks to Joan, we will be able to laugh continuously because she shared her humor with us. As I chatted with a friend who is a stand-up comic, I told him his job last night was to go out and make the rest of us laugh and help us forget about the banality of our everyday lives and to honor Joan. (And no, I didn’t say it that eloquently via text!) He was grateful for the message and went out on stage to do just that. For anyone who has the courage to say the things that we are mostly even afraid to think, let alone say aloud, I salute you. Yeah, ok, sometimes I wear that hat too, and very rarely do I ever regret saying something, especially if it made you laugh. That almost seems like it was Joan Rivers’ motto, and one I will continue to aspire to. Thank you Joan for your inspiration, and in 30 years, I’m sure you’ll still look great because you have the shelf life of a Twinkie, and probably a lot of the same ingredients!

Stay well.

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